About us

Super360 launched in 2019 and is based in [location]. We are a crowdfunding platform and marketplace for people & organisations that currently aims to raise funds for creative ideas, causes, charities, events and community led activities with a initial focus on India.

We connect campaign owners to funders in a way that is productive and engaging. We want to spur innovation & make access to funds easy through crowdfunding in India, while promoting transparency and accountability. We want to change the traditional methods of how ideas, activities, ventures and organisations are funded by making crowdfunding the go to method of raising funds in India .



Irrespective of the financial impact to Super360


We will strive to innovate & find better ways of doing things


We value diversity and are committed to equality

Our Donner Say


Elisa ker

Super360 crowdfunding are unique, more interesting. They aren’t like what I’d find on the market. They aren’t mainstream. It’s the newest tech that companies.



I join to Super360 to look for things that could be useful in my everyday life. I look for innovation – what kind of features does this have in addition.



Super360 has put together an amazingly informative workshop. I now feel confident that I will have a successful campaign for my fitness invention.